Toyotomi Tankless Water Heater, om180 And om148 Oil Fired Heaters

Toyotomi is a company which manufactures oil fueled tankless water heaters. The most popular models are the OM-148 and OM-180. In this article I will talk about the OM-180, because it is more powerful and efficient than the OM-148. They also are very similar. The OM-180 is designed to be used for a radiant system or a hydro based heating system. It uses a direct vent and if you want, you can add additional vents to it.

Toyotomi did a really good job on the OM-180, it provides you with endless hot water at an efficiency of 88%. The fuel type you can use for this model is Kerosene or fuel oil. If you want better performance the recommended fuel is Kerosene. It uses about 1 gallon of fuel per hour. The temperature of the hot water can be set between 68°F and 176°F.
The temperature rises achieved by the OM-180 and the according flow rates are: a temperature rise of 80°F at a flow rate of 3.1 gallons per minute, a temperature rise of 70°F at a flow rate of 3.5 gallons per minute, a temperature rise of 60°F at a flow rate of 4.1 gallons per minute, a temperature rise of 50°F at a flow rate of 5 gallons per minute and a temperature rise of 40°F at a flow rate of 6.2 gallons per minute.

The installation process of the OM-180 isn’t very easy. You should leave the installation process in the hands of a professional. Details that you will surely find useful are: The dimensions of the tankless water heater are: 12-5/8 width, 27-3/4 height and 22-1/2 depth. It weighs about 81 lbs. The diameter of the vent pipe hole is 4-3/4. The highest length that the vent pipe can have is 10 feet. If you use a chimney, it shouldn’t be longer than 26 feet. The warranty for this product is 3 years on the burner top and heat exchanger. For all the other parts you get a 1 year warranty. The warranty will be valid only if all the installation and usage methods were respected from the installation manual.

The OM-180 has all the safety precautions taken, it is of high quality and provides you with endless hot water. It doesn’t require a lot of fuel, statistics showed a water heating bill save up to 70%, which is very impressive. The only thing you need to get for it that other types of watery solution tankless water heaters don’t need is a tank for the oil. The price for this model is almost $2000, but it is one of the tankless water heaters that can save you more money than other types of tankless water heaters!

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